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1930 Town Sedan by Tommy Burlingame

This '30 Town Sedan was found in a garage in West Bloomfield by Jim Burlingame in 2016, and had not been started since the 1970's. After some on-site work to get it running, the car was backed into it's new home under it's own power - a testament to the build quality of these remarkable vehicles - to begin life anew! As of December '22, work continues with aligning the body on the chassis!

Driven out of
it's former home!

Yes, I trucked it to my house (insurance)

Drilling out a broken
head bolt with the
custom rig I built. 
(April '17)

-3/4" plate
-Mag drill

-A2 (hardened) drill bushing
-.125" 90 deg carbide drill (pilot)


Note new (black) head bolt towards bottom right

New oil drain plug
& TIG-welded thread insert
(March '17)

Mating two aftermarket parts to form running board splash aprons (June '22)

Running boards and splash aprons on after the welting application seminar (July '22)

Setting the body back on the chassis. Fine tuning to take place when it's not an arctic tundra! (November '22)

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