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King of the Hill

Tom and Sue Smith (28 Tudor), Dave Pulhamus (30 Coupe), and myself (29 Tudor) drove down Friday. We got a hotel in Sayre, PA, had a great lunch at Blue Stone Craft Brewery, visited the local railroad museum, and had a great dinner at a new restaurant recently opened by the Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin of a woman who works with me at Black Button Distilling. Saturday we were up early for breakfast at the hotel, took some pictures, and then took the short drive to the event. The event was held at a huge auto auction site and was very well organized. Great people, great food, seminars, and fun all day. Later that day there was a hill climb up Talmadge Hill, a one mile 7.1% grade for the Model A’s that wanted to give it a try. We each got one run. There were 34 cars entered, and Dave P. came in first (King of the Hill! 1.284 minutes) and I came in third (1.29 minutes). Not bad for only 3 cars out of 34 and each had driven 125 miles down and had to drive back home afterwards. LOL It was very hot on Saturday, so I suspect we would have pushed the cars harder and been faster yet if it was cooler. We had a hot but no issue ride home. We’re hoping that they do it again next year!

Dick Barrett

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